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Support St. Ann School

At St. Ann School, we offer an inclusive environment for students of all economic backgrounds to come and learn in a value-based curriculum that integrates the teachings of Jesus Christ.


In this mission, some families may struggle with the financial investment of attendance at our school. Whenever possible we offer financial assistance to these families so their students may attend and fulfill their potential. Through the support of our donor family we are thankful to be able to offer this assistance. However, each year we meet new families with financial need, and as this grows so does our need for growing our donors and supporters.


We invite you to meet with our faculty and staff to learn more about St. Ann School, and we hope you will consider becoming a financial supporter of our great school and the families who attend.


If you have ever looked for a direct way to financially support the mission of Christ-centered education we would love to show you how your support can be the answer to prayer for many of our families. Please contact us for a visit to our school, or make a donation of any amount.

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