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Elementary School

The elementary grades at St. Ann School include Kindergarten through Grade 5. These grades are primarily self-contained classrooms. The core curriculum  includes instruction in the subject areas of religion, reading, language arts, math, science and social studies. In addition to these areas the students receive instruction in the subjects of art, music, physical education, library and technology. Students in grades 3-8 receive instruction in Spanish. These additional subjects that complement the regular curriculum are taught by specialized teachers.


Our Kindergarten program is a full day program with an academic curriculum that includes reading readiness and basic math skills. Through the use of whole group instruction, small group instruction, learning centers and hands on practice the teacher and classroom aide develop an exciting learning environment for the students to develop reading, writing and math skills. Through phonetic practice, sight word recognition and literature appreciation, the students become confident beginning readers.

Practice in letter formation and sentence writing adds to their ability to communicate their thoughts in print form. Number recognition, counting, practice of basic addition and subtraction facts and time awareness are the math skills that are developed for the students to have a confident appreciation for math.


Our elementary curriculum is developed with the guidance provided through the Allentown Diocese and the Pennsylvania State Standards. The learning objectives are carefully developed at each grade level and provide the teachers with the ability to tailor their lessons to the ability levels of their students. The rigorous curriculum focuses on basic skills that develop higher level thinking skills, and allows for transfer of knowledge. The students in grades K-5 learn in a nurturing, small class environment where building confidence and positive self esteem is key to the academic success for all students.

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