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Shopping Cart

All families in Preschool through 8th grade are required to pay a fundraising fee. The fundraising quota at St. Ann is $350.00 per family. 


Participate in the SHOPPING CART PROGRAM and earn your $350 –

with the option of earning even more money in the form of tuition credit.


 How does the SHOPPING CART work?

It’s easy!  Numerous local and national stores provide Gift Cards to our school at a discounted cost and we pass that savings along to you!  All you need to do is send in the order form/check payment with your student and the order will be sent home that day or parents can pick up the order during the day in the main office.  You also have the option to come into the office ANY day the office is open and purchase/receive your cards immediately. 


Families receive 100% of the discount we receive (typically 5%) until the $350 has been met.   When you accumulate rebates over the $350.00 quota, you will receive 75% of the excess rebate amount as credit on school tuition for the following school year. It’s easier than you think!!

EXAMPLE – purchase $600 per month(for 12 months) in Gift Cards for your groceries at Giant, Weis, Redners or Wegmans- the Core 4(those retailers give St. Ann a 5% discount)  we pass on the 5% to you.  That alone will fulfill the $350.00 obligation.


Imagine what you could earn off tuition if you then purchased gift cards for gas, coffee or Target- just to name a few.  A complete list of stores available for immediate purchase is on the order form and a list of special order retailers is on the back. Retailer rebates vary(other than the Core 4) anywhere from 1%-13%.


You can also order line through and have the order sent to the school for pick up. 

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