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Shopping Cart

Who doesn’t like to save money? With the St. Ann School SHOPPING CART, families can help themselves on tuition costs by spending “money” to save money! SHOPPING CART is a "scrip" fundraising program. Scrip is simply a word that means “substitute money.” When you purchase scrip, you’re purchasing prepaid gift cards or certificates that are used just like cash. You can use scrip for everyday-shopping at local and national retailers. And with every purchase, you earn revenue for our school.


How does the SHOPPING CART generate revenue?
Participating retailers agree to sell gift cards/certificates to our organization at a discount. You buy the gift cards for full face value, then redeem them just like cash for full face value at the store. Our school keeps the difference as revenue. It’s that simple! You put your regular household shopping dollars to work, and earn money for our school without spending a single, additional penny.

Using gift cards regularly for your grocery shopping, special occasion gift giving, or when going out for a “night on the town” benefits St. Ann School every day. The SHOPPING CART gift cards are sold daily in the school office. They can also be ordered biweekly from​


Gift cards are available for hundreds of local and national retailers, such as: Giant Food Stores, Weis Markets, Wegmans, Redner’s Warehouse Markets, Kohl’s Department Store, Walmart and many more!

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