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For more than 70 years, St. Ann School has been serving the Parish of St. Ann and the communities of Emmaus, Macungie and surrounding areas by providing a quality Catholic education to our students. Without a doubt, our alumni of St. Ann School, along with our dedicated pastor, faculty, staff and parents play an integral role in making St. Ann School the wonderful school it is — a school where Jesus Christ is the center of our spirituality, academic excellence and service.


We treasure the rich tradition of Catholic education that has been passed on to us and continue to provide an affordable, quality education for children whose families desire a nurturing, Catholic learning environment for their children. During these days of challenging economic times your generous support of Saint Ann School makes this possible. While there have been many changes to our school over the years, the core values of spirituality, academics excellence and service are still the main heart of our school.

As you prayerfully consider ways to support St. Ann School please keep in mind that businesses and qualified individuals can defer their tax dollars directly to Saint Ann School through the EITC (Educational Improvement Tax Credit) program. For more information about this program or to see if you or your business qualifies please contact Lisa Schultz at


We will continue to pray for all of our alumni and ask that you also keep us in your prayers as we continue the faith filled work that was started so many years ago. May God grant you many blessings for your continued goodness to all of us at St. Ann School.

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