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Extended Care

The St. Ann School Extended Care Program provides a safe, structured, and family-like atmosphere in the

school building and is available to all St. Ann students in our Early Education Program on their

designated days and Kindergarten to Grade 8. Our goal is simple: to make the challenges of the working

family as easy and convenient as possible for our parents, and to make our program fun for the children.


Morning Hours: 7:00-8:00am (Before School)

Afternoon Hours: 3:00-6:00pm (After School)

Extended Care Phone Number: 610-928-1015

Morning Care Available For Morning Programs

Pre-School 3yr old: 2-Day Morning (Tuesday and Thursday)

Pre-K 4 yr old: 3-Day Morning (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)

Morning and After Care Available for Full Day Programs

Pre-School 3yr old: 2-Full Day (Tuesday and Thursday)

Pre-School 3yr old: 5-Full Day (Monday Through Friday)

Pre-K 4 yr old: 3-Day Full Day (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)

Pre-K 4yr old: 5-Full Day (Monday through Friday)

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