Financial assistance

Financial assistance is provided to families who believe strongly in Catholic education, but for whom the financial obligation is beyond their means. Financial assistance is provided to our families through various sources including Transfer Grants, EITC, OSTC, and the St. Ann Angel Scholarship Fund. Applications for scholarship assistance through the EITC and OSTC programs can be completed online through the school FACTS Tuition Collection Program. St. Ann Angel Scholarship Fund applications are available in the school office and completed applications are submitted to the school office.

Families are eligible for financial assistance if they meet specific income requirements, complete the application, provide all necessary tax forms and meet all deadline requirements. A new application is required each school year to be considered for financial assistance. All personal financial information is kept confidential. Each year the available resources for financial assistance fluctuates. The school makes it a priority to seek additional resources to help with financial assistance.

Please call Lisa Schultz at 610-965-9220 for more information.