St. Ann School is a Catholic parish school in the Diocese of Allentown serving students from Pre-School through eighth grade.  As St. Ann nurtured Mary, mother of Jesus, we provide a nurturing inclusive atmosphere that welcomes students from all faith traditions. We regard each person as created in the image of God and lovingly invite them to share their unique gifts with our school community.  Here, in a Christ-centered environment in partnership with our dedicated faculty, staff, and parents, we practice  shared values of spirituality, academic excellence, and service.  Our mission is to prepare life-long learners and future leaders for responsible, faith-filled, global citizenship and service in an ever-changing world.


St. Ann School provides an academically rich and nurturing environment to guide our students, helping them to build confidence and positive self-esteem that leads to academic success and life-long learning. Student academics are developed through a rigorous core curriculum and specialty classes.


Our mission
We prepare our students in a Christ-centered environment to become a people of faith who develop a loving and everlasting personal relationship with God. Students grow in Christ through participation in weekly mass, sacrament preparation and daily prayer.


St. Ann students serve an ever-changing world through community outreach to help create an awareness of the needs of others, preparing them to be servants of Christ.