The education of your children is one of the most important decisions you will make as parents. A good education is a gift that will support them throughout their life.

The quality of your children’s education should not be dictated by the zip code in which you live. All children need access to high-quality, caring teachers who believe education is their life’s mission.

At St. Ann’s School parents get excited when they see their children thrive and achieve to their potential with a strong communication system between parents and teachers.

A St. Ann’s education is about building the whole person, not just with solid academics, but also the work ethic and compassion that will support their communities. Children learn in an environment that supports and reinforces the values you instill at home.

All are welcome at St. Ann’s School, and we invite you to come visit our school to learn more about how we get the most of our students. Use the form below to schedule a visit at your convenience.