Board of Directors

September 5, 2019

Dear parents, guardians, teachers, staff, and friends of St. Ann School:

Welcome to another school year!  I hope that your summer was marked by fun, health, and happiness.  For those of you who “had the summer off” — I hope the transition back to regular hours was not too hard on you.  Teachers and staff:  trust me, I know there is no such thing as a full summer off anymore.  I appreciate the time and energy you put into getting ready for another school year.

I am honored to once again serve this year as the chair of our board of directors, with a tinge of sadness that this is the second year in which I do not have a child in St. Ann School.  I’m slowly getting used to the idea that my children have grown up (for those of you who know them, my son Andrew graduated from college this year, and Allison starts her second year of high school).  This year promises to be another good one for our community, but it’s also extra special. As you have seen in the church bulletin, in the efolder and on our FB pages, 2019-2020 marks St. Ann School’s 70th anniversary, and there is so much to celebrate! In an era where attendance at Catholic churches and Catholic schools is on the decline nationwide, our school remains strong.  And it is because of you….all of you:

  • You, our teachers and staff who dedicate so much of your personal time and energy without much in terms of monetary rewards, but who gain so much in personal fulfillment.
  • You, our parents, grandparents, and guardians who are sacrificing to send your students to Catholic school, and who keep up with the many requests we make of your time, treasures and talents in order to make this community such a vibrant and vital learning community for our students. Thank you for everything you do to support the activities in and out of the classroom!
  • You, our students, our greatest treasure, who join the community daily, feeling and expressing the love of God as shown to you by your classmates, your teachers, the staff, the parents and guardians who form our community, and who reflect the joy of being children of God every day.
  • You, the alumni, who attended St. Ann School, who support it financially, and who hold St. Ann School in a special place in your hearts.
  • You, our pastor, Msgr. Coyle, and your canine companion, Anthony, whose presence in the school and community fill us with joy and love and provide us with gentle guidance and support.
  • You, our board of directors who provide stewardship and leadership on the fiscal needs and strategic paths for our school.

This year, we invite you to be especially present for events for our 70th anniversary celebration.

I hope you a chance to review the calendar of the events for the year that was last week’s efolder.  We are planning to put together a cookbook for sale.  The cookbook will include recipes from current and alumni families (limit 1 recipe per family) as well as historic photos from our school over the years.  If you wish to submit a recipe, please email me at
[email protected].  Please submit recipes by November 1, 2019.  If you have old photos to share, please feel free to scan and send those!  Other celebratory events may emerge throughout the year, so stay tuned!

We are blessed by all of your contributions to our community.  Thank you for choosing Catholic education.  Thank you for your contributions of time, talent, and treasure.  Thank you for your continuing prayers for our community.  May God continue to bless us all. Have a great year!


Carol Traupman-Carr
Chair, St. Ann Board of Directors


Current Board of Directors

Msgr. Edward Coyle

Mrs. Diana Kile

Mr. Jeff Boardman
Enrollment Committee
John Yurconic Agency  
Business Lines Manager

Mrs. Pam Caton
Enrollment Committee
Retired, St. Ann School 

Mrs. Catherine Durso, Esq.
Board Secretary
Facility Committee
Shareholder, Fitzpatrick Lentz & Bubba

Mrs. Carrie Gradin
Development Committee
Moravian College

Mr. Sam Jarvis
Enrollment Committee
Retired, Allegra Marketing  

Mr. Jared Markowitz
Board Treasurer & Finance Chair
Retired, Global Process Manager                                                                   
Air Products 

Mr. Joe Montesano
Board Vice Chair
Development Committee
Retired, CPA

Mrs. Rosanne Pickett
Development Committee
Retired, Senior Computer Systems Analyst  
Air Products

Atty. James Ritter
Development Committee
James A. Ritter Law Office

Dr. Christopher Sacchi
Enrollment Committee
Chair of the Biology Department                                                       
Kutztown University            

Mr. Vincent Tranguch
Facility Chair
Deputy Director of Community Development
Lower Macungie Township

Dr. Carol Traupman-Carr
Board Chair & Enrollment/Marketing Chair
Vice Provost; Professor of Music
Moravian College