board OF directors

Welcome to another school year!  This is my first time since 2002 that I will not have a student in the school, and I am already experiencing withdrawal, while I am excited for the new challenges my youngest will experience in high school.

 Every school year brings both excitement -- how will the year go? Who is new on the staff?  What is new at the school? -- and trepidation for families and students -- where did the summer go?  Will I like my new teacher?  Will I do better in math this year?  

 I thank you for making the choice to support Catholic education and St. Ann School.  I thank you for seeing the light of our community and the overall goodness of the Catholic Church through the darkness presented in the media as well as the very real evil that has occurred. I thank you for continuing as a member of this wonderful community we have.  Every time I go to Fall Fest, participate in walkathon, call numbers at Bag Bingo, or hear the voices of the children raised in song at the annual Christmas show, my faith in our mission and our community is bolstered.  Each of you is a part of making this community what it is.  

I am thankful that you have chosen to focus on the good in the Catholic church, our parish, our school, and our community, demonstrated in the strong, Christian, supportive, nurturing leadership of our principal, our teachers, and, mostly importantly, the two priests we are blessed to have guiding us, Msgr. Coyle and Father Dominic Pham.   Please continue to pray for them and for all the members of our community.  We all need prayers for strength, for healing, and for those intentions we wish to keep in the privacy of our minds and hearts.  

 In this age where the media promotes the sensationalism and bad press, I urge you to focus on the good and to be a part of our positive message.  Do not give in to the culture of incivility, rudeness, and bullying which reigns in American society today.  Be a part of the push for change.  Model for your children -- the students in our midst -- the 6 pillars of civility:   

·      empathy, which is the capacity to understand and share another person's experiences and emotions;

·      attunement, going beyond momentary empathy to a sustain presence that promotes rapport,  especially with those who are different from you;

·        social intelligence, the ability to read emotions and get along with others, an important part in forming community;

·         self control, the ability to control one's own emotions, behaviors and desires in order to function as a community or society;

·         gratitude, which should require no definition, but is so easily overlooked; don't forget the opportunities for "thank you" and simple kindness; and

·         altruism, sacrificing something for someone else with no expectations of compensation or benefit in return.

 By practicing these qualities, we avoid falling into incivility, which can destroy relationships and a community.  We make our community stronger.  We become more Christ-like and teach our children to behave as such, which can lead to a better future for them and us.  

 We have so much to be thankful for, to celebrate, and to look forward to:   

·         the gifts of our pastor and assistant pastor, and our unofficial mascot, Anthony

·         the steadfast leadership of our principal and teachers

·         the renovations of our facilities, which are ongoing, thanks to the board and the parish

·         the joyful community of St. Ann Parish

·         the leadership of our Board of Directors and our Home & School Association

·         the gifts of time, treasures, and talents from our parents and many volunteers for the activities and fundraising events we hold all year long

·         the receipt of a grant from the Stabler Foundation which allowed us to purchase a lot of new technology this year

·         the gift of the TV studio last year, which allows WSAS to broadcast daily

·         the gifts of every child who is a member of this community, in the individuality that they bring to our collective community and your presence with us.

 I hope that you had a restful, happy, healthy summer, and wish you all the best for an outstanding school year.  

 May God continue to bless you and your family, every day.

God bless,
Carol Traupman-Carr
Board Chair

Current Board of Directors

Msgr. Edward Coyle

Mrs. Diana Kile

Mr. Jeff Boardman Enrollment Committee John Yurconic Agency Business Lines Manager                                             

Mr. Derek Demchak                                                    Facility Chair                                                               Pharma Sector-Program Management Lead                                                    Arcadis                             

 Mrs. Carrie Gradin
Development Committee Moravian College
Assistant Director of Major Gifts

Mrs. Catherine Durso, Esq.
Board Secretary                                              Facility Committee
Shareholder, Fitzpatrick Lentz & Bubba

Dr. Fred Kimock                                                         Facility Committee                                            President, Four Circle Inc

Mr. Jack Loeper                                          Technology Chair                                            Secondary School Instructional Coach Lehigh Career & Technical Institute                               

Mr. Jared Markowitz                                                Board Treasurer & Finance Chair                                        Retired, Global Process Manager Air Products & Chemicals



Mr. Joe Montesano                                                                               Board Vice Chair                                                Development Committee                                            CFO, Beck Packaging                                                       

Mrs. Cyndi O’Hara                                                                           Facility Committee                                         Retired, East Penn School District Instructional Assistant Teacher

Mr. James Ritter, Esq. 
Development Committee                                         Partner, Gross McGinely LLP                          Attorneys at Law            

Dr. Christopher Sacchi 
Enrollment Committee                                 Chair of the Biology Department                          Kutztown University            

Dr. Carol Traupman-Carr
Board Chair & Enrollment/Marketing Chair      
Associate Provost; Professor of Music 
Moravian College

Mr. Vincent Tranguch
Facility Chair      
Code Enforcment Officer
Lower Macungie Township

Dr. Patricia Waller                                   Enrollment Committee                                                   Retired, East Penn School District Teacher                

Mr. Frank Wiseley                                      Development Chair                                          Sr. Sales Executive                                                Kroff, Inc