board OF directors

Dear Friends,

Welcome! I was honored in the spring of 2014 to be appointed the Board Chair of the new Board of Directors for St. Ann School. The mission of our Board is to bring the best possible expertise to our school in the areas of finance, enrollment, marketing, fundraising, facilities and strategic planning.

The realities of the world today require Catholic schools to be competitive by offering a comprehensive product in the educational market place. This new model of a Board of Directors has been adopted by the Diocese of Allentown as a way for laypersons to offer their business experience in order to create a more viable and sustainable business model for our schools.

We are very blessed to have a dedicated Board of volunteers who spend many hours behind the scenes working for our school community. The Board has goals in place to ensure that St. Ann's will continue making a positive difference in the lives of our students.

As current parents at St. Ann School, my wife and I have witnessed the Christ-centered environment that has encouraged our children to grow both academically and spiritually. We are very blessed to have such a talented and dedicated faculty, staff and administrative team at our school. I ask that you keep this amazing team in your prayers this year. Please also pray with me that each of our school children has a very productive and successful year.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, we look forward to working with you.

God bless,

Jim Friend

Board Chair
St. Ann School Board of Directors

Current Board of Directors

Jim Friend
Board Chair & Development Chair


Cecilia Birdsell
Board Vice Chair & Enrollment

Dave Miller

Frank Wiseley

Jim Ritter

Thomas Seidenberger

Carol Traupman-Carr
Enrollment Chair

Kate Durso
Board Secretary & Facilities


Fred Kimock


Derek Demchak
Facilities Chair

George Bitto

Jared Markowitz
Board Treasurer & Finance Chair

Joe Montesano

Cindi O'Hara

Pat Waller

Diana Kile

Msgr. Edward Coyle